The Beyond EPICA Drilling Phase officially started on 1st June 2019. Within the six years project duration the consortium aims to recover an up to 1.5 Myr ice core.

In Antarctica internationally leading ice and climate scientists of 14 institutions from ten European countries are looking for the oldest ice-core record on Earth. Goal of the project "Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice" is to find the ice core which goes furthest back in Earth’s history ...

Beyond EPICA presented the decision where to drill for 1.5 million year old ice at:

EGU Press Conference
Tuesday, 9 April, 09:00
Beyond EPICA: The quest for a 1.5 Million year ice core

Press release and other material

Press coverage

Short briefing in Nature Geoscience News&Views

Call for papers in joint special issue on
Oldest Ice: finding and interpreting climate proxies in ice older than 700,000 years
of the EGU Journals "The Cryosphere" and "Climate of the Past"


BE-OI has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 730258.