Chair and co-chair(s): Carlos Martín, Olaf Eisen

The main scientific question is the current glaciological conditions near the ice core - ice flow, geometry, surface mass balance, subglacial properties, englacial properties - and how these conditions may have changed over time. We aim to constrain ice-flow models and help to interpret the ice core.

The most important tasks for the Beyond EPICA ice core project in the Geophysics consortium are:

♦ To measure surface velocity, using GNSS, and englacial velocity, using ApRES, to constrain present ice-flow conditions

♦ To extend the high-resolution radar measurements upstream of the chosen location to constrain topography, the accumulation pattern as well as englacial layer architecture to improve the record of past dynamical conditions

♦ To utilize seismic methods to determine the crystal orientation fabric and properties of the subglacial substrate

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