WP2 - Logistics and field work coordination

WP2 will organise and provide the infrastructure, transport, and logistic personnel to support the scientific and drilling operation during the project at “Little Dome C” camp and Concordia Station. It will thus enable other WPs to perform drilling, ice core science, core logging and further geophysical survey work in the field.

Logistics and field coordination will provide access to perform the technical, glaciological, and geophysical fieldwork for site installation, drilling operation and ice core science in the field. In the Dome C region, it is a major advantage for 'Beyond EPICA' that it will benefit from support offered by the National Antarctic Programs of France (IPEV) and Italy (ENEA) in the framework of the regular operation of Concordia Station. The latter will serve as a central hub to support the deep drilling operation in the advanced field camp at "Little Dome C" (LDC). Science facilities for cutting, preliminary processing, analysing and storing of the ice cores will be located at Concordia Station, about 40 km SW from LDC. Moreover, the airborne capacity and marine vessel access (at the Italian and French coastal stations of Mario Zucchelli - MZS and Dumont d’Urville -DdU, approximately 1,200 and 1,100 km inland from Concordia Station) will be provided to optimize retrograding core segments to Europe to limit the duration of transient storage above -50°C. IPEV and ENEA signed an agreement at governmental level, to jointly define, finance and implement scientific activities at Concordia Station and in the surroundings.

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