DEEPICE stories – Insights into ice & climate

DEEPICE videos series: a new educational resource on ices cores now available

Did you know that old ice can reveal how the climate evolved in the past? And that it can also improve our ability to predict the climate of the future?

Discover the new videos series "DEEPICE stories – Insights into ice & climate", created in collaboration with the 15 PhD students of the European research project DEEPICE.

What is an ice core? Why and how are ice cores drilled in Antarctica? How are they studied? What can they tell us about the past climate? How can they be useful for the future?

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Beyond EPICA ice core age-depth profile

This interactive program allows you to explore the latest depth, age, and age resolution results from the model developed by Ailsa Chung. Input one of the 3 parameters and the other 2 will be displayed for that given point in the ice core.

Ailsa Chung (DeepIce project - ESR 14) has been developing a 1D numerical model which is constrained by radar horizons. The model produces an age-depth profile along the radar line and therefore gives us a prediction of what we might find at the drill site.

Reference: Beyond EPICA publication nr. 32 - Stagnant ice and age modelling in the Dome C region, Antarctica, Ailsa Chung et al. in: "The Cryosphere", doi: 10.5194/tc-17-3461-2023

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Beyond EPICA Science Meeting 2024 in Venice!

Three days full of scientific updates, debate about results of the project and planning of the next steps for BEOI. Thanks to all participants for this engaging and successful edition.

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