Field campaign 2022-2023 begins now!

When it comes to Antarctica, nothing is simple!

Logistic is also an important aspect: the scientific materials have already left for Antarctica, although our team will only arrive in November.
These Beyond EPICA boxes will arrive in Rome, at the headquarters of our precious logistics partner, ENEA, and then be loaded onto the ship that will soon reach Antarctica.
Bon voyage dear equipment, see you in a few months in Little Dome C!

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Organic compounds in ice cores

The next polar scientists at work!

Studying ice to better understand our planet's past climate: Hanne Notø, DEEPICE PhD Student at Utrecht University, who studies organic components for her PhD project, tells us about it. 

The webinar is organized by CNR-ISP and Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice Core

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Stratigraphic templates for ice core records of the past 1.5 Myr

Figure shows EPICA Dome C ice core records (in black) over the last 800,000 years, plotted against marine core data for 1.5 million years. This shows the good fit of the overlapping records, raising prospects for using the long marine record as a template to help with dating new ice cores.

Beyond EPICA Publication # 27

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