Liaison and Advisory Group

The role of the Liaison and Advisory Group (LAG) is to give recommendations and support to the strategic steering of the project in close collaboration with the governing bodies. This ensures bidirectional information flow between Beyond EPICA project and other international efforts in Antarctic Ice Sheet reconnaissance, paleoclimate, and ice core science.

The appointed members of the board are:

- Adjunct Prof. Tas van Ommen, University of Tasmania, ice core scientist and co-chair of IPICS

- Prof. Ed Brook, Oregon State University (US), ice core scientist and climate scientist

- Dr. Marie-France Loutre, PAGES, University of Bern (Switzerland), palaeoclimate modeller and executive officer of PAGES

- Prof. Jerry McManus, Columbia University (US), palaeoceanographer and climate scientist

- Prof. Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Center for Earth Surface System Dynamics, The University of Tokyo (Japan), paleoclimate modeller scientist