DEEPICE  DEEPICE - a network for the future ice core scientists


What is DEEPICE?
Young generation of scientists need proper training paths to start their career in science. DEEPICE project and Beyond EPICA are working together to achieve the highest scientific and social impact from the extraction of the deep ice core from Antarctica. DEEPICE is a EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions project. This 4 years Innovative Training Network funds 15 PhD projects in ice core sciences.




Where is DEEPICE taking place?

Located in the old continent, the 15 DEEPICE PhD students are based in 10 different institutions in 10 countries. DEEPICE and Beyond EPICA project partners’ will work in parallel on the two complementary projects.


Who are they?

They have a scientific background in diverse fields such as chemistry, physics, geology, climatology, glaciology... which represent well the diversity of scientific fields related to ice core sciences. They all share a passion for polar regions. This promising new scientific generation is also keen on communicating on climate change.


Why is it important and connected to Beyond EPICA?

Analysing the very old and precious ice that will be extracted within the Beyond EPICA project requires cutting-edge instruments and techniques! The 15 PhD projects aim at developing new methods, instruments & numerical tools that will be used in order to optimally exploit the ice core. In particular, the students will develop new techniques for analysing samples of very old ice, they will also quantify the processes responsible for the creation and alteration of the climate signal in ice cores, and will be developing modeling & statistics tools in order to develop a framework for the interpretations of the climate proxies contained in the old ice.


After the EPICA experiment, with the Beyond EPICA project a new generation of researchers is going to be prepared thanks to the DEEPICE project. The students will study and work on their project at the same time as the drilling operations at Little Dome C. When the time comes, the tools developed by DEEPICE PhD students will be used to unravel the secrets of Beyond EPICA ice core.

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