Climate and carbon cycle

Chair and co-chair(s): Martin Werner, Emilie Capron

The most important scientific questions for the Beyond EPICA ice core project in the Climate and carbon cycle consortium are:

● What are key forcing and feedback processes in the climate system responsible for the transition of a 41kyr- to a 100kyr-world?

● What is the structure and dynamics of pre- Mid Pleistocene Transition (MPT) glacial cycles and what are their difference to post-MPT glacial cycles (e.g. millennial-scale variability?)?

● What is the global and regional response of the climate system and carbon cycle changes across the MPT?

● What is the phasing of the climate, represented by the proxy records, and the astronomical parameters across the MPT?

The Carbon Cycle and Climate consortium investigates those questions using a range of climate, ice sheet and carbon cycle models of varying complexity as well as climate and environmental proxy records from marine and terrestrial archives.

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