WP1 - Management & Coordination

The Coordination and Management WP aims at a lean, efficient, and high-quality coordination of the 'Beyond EPICA' project in terms of consortium and planned activities, financial aspects, documentation and reporting, to guarantee that high quality standards are met throughout the whole project. Management will support effective decision-making and consortium governance, to ensure the achievement of the objectives within the project time frame and available resources.

Specific Objectives are: i) coordinating and supervising 'Beyond EPICA' activities according to the work plan, monitoring the overall achievements and assessing the technical/scientific quality respecting the scheduled milestones and deliverables; ii) carrying out the overall financial and administrative management and reporting; iii) managing the contacts with the Commission and within the consortium, implementing the EU Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement; iv) establish a Management Support Team (MST), under guidance of the Project Coordinator (PC) and with support from the Steering Committee (SC) and Executive Committee (EXCOM).

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Managment Support Team - First meeting