Christmas Report #5, 24. December 2019

Little Dome C - Beyond EPICA Drilling Site (75.29917 degS, 122.44516 degE)

Personnel: Saverio Panichi (ENEA), Michele Scalet (ENEA), Luc Piard (CNRS), Jakob Schwander (unibe), Thomas Stocker (unibe), Remo Walther (unibe), Massimo Frezzotti (U Roma 3), Riccardo Devescovi (Armi)

Weather at 8 am: sunny

In spite of the festive day, work continued at Little Dome C. The plywood floor of the BELDC drill tent was finished and the first metal elements were laid out. At noon, Massimo and Riccardo arrived from Dome C and joined the BELDC team. They will support the building of the BELDC drill tent. Drilling depth at the Radix site has arrived at 78 m. The drill required another inspection, and some repair was carried out by Jakob and Remo to stabilize the first chip duct which was getting fragile at the low temperatures of about -55°C in the borehole. Tomorrow firn drilling will continue.

The highlight of today was the Christmas Dinner prepared by Saverio. Starting with a small snack of panzerotti and calzone, the first course consisted of breaded clams and langustines from the oven. The main course was a rich fish soup with clams, octopus, shrimps, chunks of cod, St. Jacques and a secret blend of spices. This exclusive dinner was followed by caffè, Pandoro and Panettone, and a variety of fine drinks.

With this message we send you our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

LDC, 24.12.2019