Little Dome C - Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice Drilling Site (75.29917 °S, 122.44516 °E) – Season 2023/24

Situation Report #39, 4 January 2024

Personnel @LDC: Saverio Panichi (ENEA, Camp Leader), Olivier Alemany (CNRS), Philippe Possenti (CNRS), Matthias Hüther (AWI), Remi Dallmayr (AWI), Gunther Lawer (AWI), Johannes Lemburg (AWI), Andrea Ceinini (ENEA), Tamara Gerber (UCPH), Iben Koldtoft (UCPH), Julien Westhoff (UCPH), James Veale (BAS), Fortunat Joos (UNIB), and Inès Gay (IPEV)

Personnel @Concordia: Michaela Mühl (UNIB), Federico Scoto (CNR) 

Weather at LDC 1 pm: cloudy, T = -21.5°C, Wind = 2.4 m/s

Shift drilling continues. We're trying to find the right settings to adjust the pitch. After Tamara last week, Fortunat and Rémi made their first drilling runs.

Due to difficulties in drying off the drill fluid of the cores during logging yesterday, we have decided to let the cores rest one more day - Zero meters processed today. Using the time wisely, we began dismantling unused shelves and started packing boxes with spare pieces for winter storage at Concordia.

What we did today at LDC:

  • drilled in shift;
  • trained two new drillers;
  • processed 0 ice cores;
  • did some BAS geophysical measurements.

End of day statistics at 19h30:

  • Driller’s depth: 1445.57 m;
  • we made 8 runs between 19h30 yesterday and 19h30 today. The length of the cores was: 4.53, 4.4, 4.55, 4.41, 4.5, 0, 4.49, and 4.34 (driller length), for a total of 31.22 meters.
  • Logger’s depth:1446.70 m.
  • Current processing depth: 1388 m; daily total: 0 m; season total: 1062 m.

Olivier Alemany, Matthias Hüther, Julien Westhoff and Saverio Panichi. LDC, 04.01.2024