Science Questionnaire

Dear science colleague,

for the implementation of the BE-OI we survey the scientific community for additional technical capacities of the drilling and logging equipment and the operational procedures.

 We already have identified the

- recording of the orientation of the ice core,

- replicate coring,

- cold, shock-minimized handling of the brittle core and

- extended support for shallow programmes as desired improvements.

We will access your proposition, try to find technical and managerial solutions for the implementation, lay down financial and operational implications and finally discuss the operability with the steering body.

We assume the core and hole diameter are fixed to 98 mm and 129,6 mm.

Core length will be up to 4 m. Estisol 140 as drill liquid is a workable option and compatible with the existing and built equipment. If there are concerns, please tell us, so that we can access the impact on scientific analysis.

As our imagination is limited, we ask you to tell us about your ideas and if you already have ideas for the technical feasibility to also tell us about this.

We invite your propositions till End of August 2017.

Please send us your suggestion to

On the behalf of the Beyond-EPICA oldest-ice drilling group

Frank Wilhelms