Follow the Field Diary of the field season 2021-2022

The Beyond EPICA project completed its second year of work, despite the cancellation of the last field season (2020-21), due to COVID19 restrictions.

A field camp at Little Dome C was established during the 2019-20 season and the materials and equipment have already been transported from Europe to Antarctica. Now the next field season 2021-22 (November 2021-to-January 2022) started.

The Project Coordinator, Carlo Barbante, will participate in field activities this time with a team of 12 people aiming to finalize camp installation, set-up and preparation of the drilling area, along with drilling of the pilot hole, reaming of the hole and installation of the casing. The complete drill system is planned to be installed and tested towards the end of the season. The temporary storage cave at Little Dome C Camp is also planned to be completed during this field season.

Gallery - Field Season 2021/22

Field Team - Season 2021/22