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We are back in Antarctica!

The field camp at Little Dome C (LDC), established during the 2019-20 season, is now open and ready to receive the people for the 2022-23 field campaign (November 2022-to-January 2023) for the second ice core drilling campaign.

An international team made up of 15 people will begin the deep drilling campaign. They will work for over two months at LDC to reach depths of a few hundred metres.

News from LDC - Sunday 28th November 2022

"Saverio and the Logistic Team successfully opened the LDC Camp last week. Not too much damage from last season, just a lot of snow in the Camp and the main VHF antenna turned down by the wind. They are working hard, but in the meantime they had two severe wind storms that slow down the opening. In these days they have transported a lot of material and they are waiting for the rest of the Team. The road from Concordia to LDC Camp was quite well preserved and so was  the ski-way.

The rest of the Team is still in Mario Zucchelli Station (MZS) because of the initial delay due to Covid pandemic, the sea ice conditions in MZS and finally the bad weather. All the material for starting in the plateau has been sent or it is in its way to Concordia. The Team should travel to Concordia on Wed this week and if all is OK in LDC by the end of this week, with a little delay. We are almost there!! They are all very excited and they all look forward to being deployed in Concordia. Anyway, MZS Crew is taking good care of them cuddling them with good food."

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