Basal properties and Geology

Chair and co-chair(s): Francois Fripiat, Pierre-Henri Blard

The most important scientific questions for the Beyond EPICA ice core project in the Basal properties and Geology consortium are:

● What is the origin and the dynamic of the basal unit?

● How old is the deepest part of the ice cores and implications on past ice sheet stability?

● Can we infer paleoclimatic properties and stratigraphy in disturbed deep ice?

● What can we learn on subglacial environments?  

● What types of pre-glacial ecosystems emerge?

● What is the subglacial geology (mineralogy and memory hold in grains of substratum-ice interactions)?

● What is the timing and duration of previous deglaciated periods (using dating by cosmogenic nuclides 10Be, 21Ne, 26Al and luminescence methods)?

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